Fitness and the Holidays: Make It Work!


Fitness and the Holidays: Make It Work!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this season and what it means. The holidays have changed a lot for me in the last few years of my life and I’ve gone from trying like crazy to keep childhood/family traditions alive as they once were to realizing its now become more about the spirt behind those traditions and who you share that with. An example would be that now I usually celebrate Christmas with my immediate family 2-3 weeks before or after Dec. 25th.

What I’m trying to say is that this season can seem stressful and busier than normal – these things have a tendency to become reasons/excuses for missing time at the gym. But I’d argue that this time of year more than ever it’s important that you MAKE time for your fitness. It’s not just about the extra calories we eat with family or the treats that are constantly around the office – although that’s a big part….

I’d say, however, that it’s more about carving out a little time for yourself during the “season of giving”. Not in a selfish way, but going to the gym and getting a workout in might be the best gift you can give to yourself and others. I know when I leave the gym after a tough workout, even if I’ve had a rough day at work or at home, I just feel better and am in a better mood. I’ve also felt that on days I can’t make it in for a workout, I get bummed out and melancholy because life got in the way.

So for your sake, and the sake of those who have to deal with you (😜) try and make your fitness a priority this season and give yourself the gift of health and happiness!

Check out this article for more suggestions on HOW to make it work.


Coach Greg