🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Chin🔸🔹


🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Chin🔸🔹


Meet Chin!

 👋 He is a regular at our 12:15pm class

🔹Why do you enjoy coming to SFM?
“It is fun to workout with the people there and it helps motivate me to go to the gym.”

🔸How would you describe SFM in one word?

🔹How long have you been at SFM?
“I’ve been a member for over six years!”

🔸Why is working out a priority to you?
“Working out keeps my body ready to tackle most things life throws at me!”

🔹What is your favorite workout?
“Any workout with three different movements. My perfect workout would include five rounds with running, power cleaning, and handstand push-ups.”

🔸What is something many people don’t know about you?
“I broke my right arm from arm wrestling!”

🔹How are you staying busy at home these days?
“I have started gardening more. Since working from home, I’ve been more busy than I was before!”