🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Mai🔸🔹


🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Mai🔸🔹

Meet Mai!
Probably the kindest person at SFM. Always smiling and up for any challenge! When you see her, say hi!
Why do you enjoy coming to SFM?: “The love and support that the coaches and members have for one another. I can’t “THANK” everyone enough at SFM for always believing in me and encouraging me to get outside of my comfort level to achieve great things – PR’s & Rx WOD.”

Describe SFM in one word: “Wellness!

How long have you been at SFM? : “I have been at SFM for 1+ year and look forward to many more years to come.”

Why is fitness a priority to you?: “Fitness helps me make good choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.” 

Favorite workout: “Anything with double unders, because I love jumping!”

Something many people don’t know about you: “I am a mix of SE Asia – Thai, Laos, Vietnamese and Chinese. I speak a little bit of Thai & Laos and love eating spicy food! Whew!”

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