🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Sheridan🔸🔹


🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Sheridan🔸🔹


Meet Sheridan!

👋 She is a regular at our 4:30pm class & the Queen of Sunday’s Open Gym! She has the cutest pup & coolest graphic tee collection. 😎

🔹Why do you enjoy coming to SFM?
“I come for the handstand push-ups! Well, partly, but really I come for the people. SFM is a place where I can be my dorky, genuine self. Super love the people. (Hi to my 4:30 friends!)”⁠⠀

🔸How would you describe SFM in one word?
“Can I make one up? Growthusiasm.”⁠⠀

🔹How long have you been at SFM?
“I think almost two years now.”⁠

🔸Why is working out a priority to you?
“I’ve had two low back surgeries and have herniated discs more times than I can count. The only thing that keeps pain and more surgery away is strengthening those areas. (KB swings and deadlifts!) And I love it, of course.”⁠⠀

🔹What is your favorite workout?
“Long bodyweight AMRAPs. And plate snatches!” ⁠⠀

🔸What is something many people don’t know about you?
“I absolutely hate flying, but went wingwalking a few years back and loved it.”⁠

🔹How are you staying busy at home these days?
“Reading and learning about the history of our country.”⁠