🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Wendy🔸🔹


🔹🔸 Member Spotlight – Wendy🔸🔹

Meet Wendy!
Wendy has been a member of SFM since 2010 – a real O.G.
She is mother to two adorable dog-children and she enjoys spending her time at local breweries drinking all the delicious hazy IPAs she can get her hands on! Say hi when you see her!

Why SFM?: “This place is my community – my family. I joined in 2010, when it first opened. I truly love the members, and the coaches.”

Describe SFM in one word: “Supportive! Such a welcoming environment which makes it easy to join and keep coming to class.”

Why is fitness a priority to you?: “I was always told to make working out a priority and it didn’t resonate with me until I was in my late 20’s. I had a lot of change in my life and was looking for an outlet. I started with running and my routine slowly evolved. Nine marathons and four Iron Man’s later…”

Favorite workout: “Helen! Or anything with a kettlebell.”

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