November News!


November News!

Town Hall Meeting recap

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Town Hall Happy Hour last Friday. We had a great time eating and drinking with you, and forcing our awesome Keynote presentation on you 🙂

Here’s a recap of the key points of the presentation:

New logo (and accordingly, new apparel) coming soon!!

Equipment – our goal is continue to add new equipment to the gym as often as it is financial viable. New/more rowers and another 44# KB are a big priorities! We hope you’re enjoying the new soft plyo boxes – watch for other items to drop ASAP!

No more L1 & L2 – we want you to leave class always feeling like you got the best workout possible. What we found was that when the different levels were listed, people often felt tied to a certain level and wouldn’t challenge themselves to try something outside of what was written when they were capable of doing more, so they weren’t always getting the full effect of the workout. So now we’re just writing an “Rx” version of the workout as a guideline – you are ABSOLUTELY still encouraged to scale and modify to whatever is appropriate for you (and the coaches are here to help with that!) but we hope this will allow people to broaden their horizons and learn more about what they can accomplish! We’ll be talking a lot more about the intention or purpose of our workouts, which will help you set goals and decide on the right scales.

Referral Program

Our new referral program is mutually beneficial to you AND the person you refer. We call it “Give 100, Get 100”. When someone you refer joins SFM, we’ll give YOU $100 off your next month of membership, and will give THEM $100 off their first month of regular membership (after completing Fundamentals).

All you need to do is give us a name, email address and/or phone number for your friend, and we’ll do the leg work! You might mention to them that we’ll be reaching out and that joining SFM is the best decision they could ever make (!!), but we’ll take care of the rest 🙂

New Introductory Program

Speaking of new CrossFitters, we’re taking a new approach to getting new folks started. Our Fundamentals program is a 5-class series (that can be started any time) which will cover the core movements of CrossFit and will be a requirement for anyone new to CrossFit joining SFM.

Our hope with this program is to help new members build a strong foundation so they can enter regular classes with the confidence they need to be lifelong CrossFitters. We also hope it will allow coaches to more equally distribute their time amongst all members in regular classes so that every person has the best experience possible.

And REMEMBER – Fundies classes are open to ALL members, so if you need to brush up on a certain skill or just can’t make it to your usual class time, come on by! All the Fundies workouts can be scaled up or down so that everyone can get a great workout. The class schedule is posted by the kiosk at the gym.

Thanksgiving Schedule

Here’s the plan for classes around the Thanksgiving holiday:

Wednesday, Nov. 21st – Regular classes
Thursday, Nov. 22nd – 
9:00 am RedLine/Community class – BRING YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY!
10:30 am CrossFit
Friday, Nov. 23rd – No classes – OPEN GYM ONLY from 9 am to Noon
Saturday, Nov. 24th – Regular classes resume

**We’ll also be doing a food drive throughout the week of Thanksgiving to benefit a local food bank, so please bring non-perishable food items in all week when you come to class!

Other Upcoming Stuff

Monthly Happy Hour will be making a comeback. I’m thinking 3rd Friday of the month, which means our next one would be on November 16th. Mark your calendars and feel free to submit ideas for fun locations! More details to come soon.

We’ll take December OFF for Happy Hour, but will hold a holiday party mid-month instead. Stay tuned for specifics on that as well!